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Things to Know Before Booking a Hair and Makeup Artist for your Wedding!

Things to Know Before Booking a Hair and Makeup Artist for your Wedding!

So you're beginning to plan your big day? You just want it to be the day of your dreams but you don't even know where to start. First of all, my number one piece of advice would be getting an event planner to help you from the beginning. If budget is the main issue, there is an experience level for every budget, but in the long run, they will help you STAY within your budgets. They are connected around town, they are in the wedding industry scene, they can pull strings and prioritize your most important wedding desires and at least get you closer to ALLLL your beautiful bridal dreams coming true! Second of all, when it comes to bridal hair and makeup, you want to be very realistic and focused when it comes to what you WANT out of your wedding beauty team. The main thing that you can work on and control before your big day that will pay off in spades when you are radiantly glowing for your big day. And this is DO NOT STRESS! Just get your vision, be mindful in your decisions and communicate this vision effectively to your artist and your entire bridal party. Do you want loose? Flowy? Organic? Natural? Classic, chic or unique and eclectic? What vibes do you want? What are the most important things to you? Write it down as you visualize. And then, drink a TON of water, just nonstop! This will PREVENT stress, low immunity, dry skin, aches and pains! All the things that are the last things you want to be dealing with on your wedding day (imo anyway) ;-) And please if you want to do any new treatments or procedures, do these MONTHS in advance, if you want clip ins for your hair, sort this all out long before the wedding day. And then keep remembering, do not let yourself stress! Nothing is worth it... This is YOUR dream, you are the one who should be enjoying and relishing in every moment, you are worth it!! Nothing else! :-) Another huge tool at your disposal is your trial run session. Once your contract is signed and $100 retainer to save the date is paid, I offer a discounted trial hair and makeup run, so we can work out any kinks or anything well before the wedding day. This opportunity will always pay off for you with more peace of mind and confidence and a vision of what you will look like of your big day. Also, don't forget, you get to meet me! We get to sync to the same pulse so I can assist you in your vision. Plus, it's super fun and exciting and you can schedule your bridal portrait photography session for afterwards. Or you could do a couples save the date session, or at the very least, snatch a beautiful excuse for you to be taken out on a hot date and be treated like the Queen you are. I highly suggest scheduling a trial run! During the week of your wedding day, your are ZEN, you are an unstoppable force washing your face and moisturizing every night and morning, getting things done with ease and grace, staying upbeat and focused and hydrated! You want to think about facial planing a day or two before your big day, ESPECIALLLY if your having airbrush makeup services. Be fully exfoliated and shaved or facial planed if you are getting airbrush makeup services. On the morning of your big day, I suggest Showering, light shampoo, conditioner, and make sure you use a light oil free moisturizer on your skin and not too much layering or skin products. You can either blow dry or air dry your hair, but just remember if there is wet spots in your hair when it's time to be styled, you might face a blow dry charge. Also, if you have issues with your hair holding a curl, but you are attempting a curly look anyway, then you may want to let hair air dry, so the heat from the blow dryer doesn't erase the memory in your hair strands. And spray tans are fine, I can always match your face to your body (if it's completely different) haha. But you want the spray tan service to be done over 24 hours before your big day. And just remember to spend your time wisely, focusing on what you want and you need to be completely whole and balanced for this special time in your life. Peace, Love Unity, Respect and Makeup mah beauties! Happy planning!

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