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You have questions? We've got answers!

Don't you love how every new bride is expected to know how to plan and execute the wedding of their dreams with ZERO experience!? Well just know we've been there and get it! And hopefully can help answer some questions you may have about your bridal hair and makeup below


  • Q: So now that you have hired Beauty By Becky for your hair services, who will do you hair?

  • A: Usually it will be me doing your hair, if it’s not me, I will be overseeing everything with one of my self-trained beauty professional team members using my organized, sanitized and stocked hair kits. I will make any client aware of these details as I schedule everything.


  • Q:I have a large wedding party, will you bring a second makeup artist?

  • A:Yes! If your party is large and calls for it, I will bring a second artist or a helper on location. I work with several talented artists in the Charlotte, NC area so we can handle any job that comes our way.


  • Q:How long does makeup application take?

  • A:Typical time is 1 hour per person. I do like to spend up to an hour and a half with the Bride. In some cases, the time may take more or less. That’s why I work buffer time into my average time. But ultimately, It is really customized to your needs that day.


  • Q:Do I  want traditional application or airbrush application?

  • A:It really depends on your skin type and the look you’re going for. We will determine all of this during our first consultation and/or trial run.


  • Q:Where should I get ready for the event/wedding?

  • A:That is entirely up to you. If your event location has a suite or you want to get ready somewhere special, you can decide. It’s always nice to have natural lighting, surface space and an electric socket, but I can and have made any place work!(Try in an outdoor park bathroom in the summer! Haha)


  • Q:What forms of payment do you take?

  • A:Cash, Check or Credit Card, cash app and Venmo


  • Q: How do I secure my date?

  • A: If you have are requesting at least 5 services from us, your $100 retainer secures your date, but a 1/2 of the total charge is due 60 days before the wedding/event date or during your trial run(whichever comes first). These and the final payment all have to be made in 1 full payment.


  • Q: I have no idea what I want to look like on my special day. Where should I find inspiration?

  • A: This is probably one of the most popular questions any makeup artist will receive. I recommend looking at Bridal Magazines/websites for some looks you may like. I think Pinterest and instagram are great sources of inspiration. One of my most important goals is for you to look like the best version of yourself. So while drawing inspiration from a picture is a great muse, remember that the look may need to be adjusted for your specific needs.


Q: What should I look for when searching for wedding hairstyles? 

A: There are 3 things to think about when searching wedding hairstyles. 1- You want to save styles with the same hair color and/or length to have a realistic idea of what your hair will look like at your trial. 2- Look for pictures of the front of the hair. Do you want pieces hanging or do you want everything off the face? 3- Consider extensions if you're planning to wear your hair down or need extra volume.


Q: Can I try multiple hairstyles? 

 A: Our hair trials are 90 minutes long. We are happy to show you multiple looks at the time of your hair trial to give you a couple options (as long as timing permits). Keep in mind- in some cases the prep for one style could be a totally different prep for a second style and this may require a separate trial and cost if you are unsure about the style you would like to see on wedding day.


  • Q: What is a retainer? 
  • A: Retainers are collected in order to reserve the date and time for your session. Once you pay a retainer, it goes towards your final bill after the services are rendered. Because I block off a special amount of time exclusively for you, this means I cannot book anyone else in your spot. I can only service a limited amount of sessions per day, per weekend, so this helps me organize and plan out my schedule. Cancellations within 30 days of event date are accepted. Failure to inform me of any rescheduling, and/or cancellations will result in you forfeiting your retainer, and I try my best to avoid doing this because it does not benefit either party! So, just communicate with me and we can work things out! Thanks in advance for understanding the value of my time and commitment to you! I can't wait to create amazing work with you!

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